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The world is made up of stories, our mission is to create and share them so they prevail in the memory and have the power to inspire.
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Know how and know who. Our content creation and creative capabilities are unique in the sports industry, where we serve leagues, teams, sponsors and startups. Our specialized teams are tailor-made for each project.
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Digital transformation
We work closely with a wide range of companies to understand their digital transformation needs and help them reach their different goals. We code and design to build the best solutions.
Our clients
November 1999
Our entreprenurial joruney starts, it's been 21+ years!
February 2000
mediotiempo.com launched as the first “underdog” project with the goal of informing and entertaining futbol fans in the early days of the internet in Mexico.
January 2004
We created Mexico´s largest sport subscription SMS service (GOL-4636), reaching more than 3 million fans every month.
June 2010
mediotiempo.com is acquired by Grupo Expansión, a Time Warner subsidiary, at the time the largest entertainment company in the world.
May 2014
juanfutbol launches days before Brazil 2014 World Cup, reaching to date millions of fans across multiple markets including Mexico, USA and Colombia.
November 2015
PENTA launches as a platform to distribute sports related video content.
January 2016
Tikitaka, our own digital agency that specializes in content, creativity and tech development services.
June 2016
fridapop is a sisterhood that shares stories that inspire, empower and promote the growth of women’s sport.
March 2018
juanbeisbol, our third publishing brand, focusing on baseball and its huge fan base in Mexico.
March 2021
juanfutbol launches "La Voz del Estadio", Spotify's first original fútbol production in Mexico.
April 2021
Playgen is officially created, underdog's specialized division as a one-stop shop for clubs and brands entering the esports space.
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